Share Market Course - Learn Technical Analysis & Risk Management

 Learn to Trade & Manage Your Portfolio like a Professional Trader. To become a successful trader you need to learn Technical Analysis & Risk Management. Most traders learn only Technical Analysis ( or are taught only technical analysis) & ignore risk management and lose money in the market. Hence this course


Course Modules

Technical Analysis

Trend Identification - Trading Patterns - Moving Averages - Demand & Supply Zone - Support & Resistance - Candles - Trend Reversal Patterns - Multiple Time Frame Analysis - Practical

Risk Management

Position Sizing - Pyramiding - Inverse Pyramiding - Global Market Analysis - Sector Analysis - Stop Loss - Trailing Stop Loss - Money Management

Trading Psychology
Patience is key to become a Successful Trader. Also, we need to have full control on our emotions. Application of Risk Management principles helps us to be patient & be fearless while trading



 Key Benefits

♦ You would be able to trade immediately after completing the training

♦ The techniques are simple & easy to understand

♦ You will learn to control fear, greed & excitement

♦ Will be able to plan your entries, exits & stop loss well in advance

♦ You would be able to build a career in stock market

♦ You will learn short term, long term, swing & momentum trading

♦ You will never loose money in the market

♦ You would be ready for everything that can happen in market

♦ Life time guidance by me by mail, Facebook & Whats app

♦ You can repeat the course multiple times depending on your understanding

Who this course is for ?

Any body who is ready to learn & want to stop trading on speculations

♦ Any body can join the course its designed for both beginners & experienced traders. Housewives, Retired People, Employee, Students, Businessman, Trader, Dealer, Broker or anybody who wants to make career in stock market

♦ No need of any financial background or prior experience

These course will completely change your mind set towards trading. You will learn the actual process Professional Traders use to make money from the Stock Market. Its very important that you learn before you start investing in Stock Market.

Your investment in this course is far less than the money you can loose in single trading session.

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Register For Demo Class