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  • Jan 07 2018

    Quitting Smoking & Drinking = Gaining Health & Wealth

    Quitting Smoking & Drinking = Gaining Health & Wealth AVERAGE SMOKER Smokes 3 to 5 Cigarettes/day @ Rs 15/unit 15*4=60/day=60*30=1800/month=1800*12=21600 PA AVERAGE DRINKER Drinks 2 to 3 quarters a week @ 300/unit 2*300=600/day=600*4=2400/month=2400*12=28800 21600+28800 = 50400 Money is a Fuel you need to achieve your goals. Use it wisely Save it, invest it & than […]

  • Sep 24 2017

    Workshop Details

    5 Days Workshop on Trading & Investing In Stock Market. Registration Fees : Rs. 3000/- Training Fees : Rs. 17000/- (waved off for Sharkhan Demat Account Holder or if you open a new account) Very Important : Registation Fees will be refunded on first day if you do not wish to continue the training(no questions asked). […]

  • May 14 2017
  • May 08 2017

    Hidden Information

    Someone Asked Me “Any Hidden Ideas that FII & Mutual Funds Following in the Market”. Most of the traders think their is some secret or hidden information in the market. If they can get that they can make a fortune & they pay in thousands to get this information. I am not saying that there […]

  • May 06 2017

    Why You Cannot Make Money Trading Based on News, Results, Tips & advises?

      90% of people lose money in the market & only 10% make money. The people who lose money are called RETAIL TRADERS & the people who make money are called PROFESSIONAL TRADERS. Every time someone loses money in the market, there is someone who makes money. So, all the money that Retail Traders (which […]

  • Apr 10 2017

    Where Should You Invest Stock Market, Mutual Fund or Real Estate?

      Now a days it has become very important to have a multiple sources of income if you want to live a Secure & Comfortable life and most of the people are now aware of it. However, most of the people spend minimum 12 to 14 hours in the office and they have very limited […]

  • Feb 04 2017

    Importance of Risk Managment

    Risk management is the most important aspect of trading. To be able to make money in stock market we need to learn technical analysis and risk management. Our first goal as a trader is to protect out capital and then to make money. Risk management helps to protect our capital, minimize risk and maximize profit. […]

  • Jan 28 2017

    How To Select Stock For Trading & Investing

    How to Select Stock for Trading & Investing Step 1: Trend Identification Firstly, we need to identify the trend of the stock. There are three types of trend Up Trend: When the stock is going up or is Bullish. Making higher tops and higher bottoms                     […]

  • Dec 21 2016

    How To Buy Stock

    How To Buy Stock – Process Step By Step                       Pre Market Analysis Global Market Analysis: Analyzing US market (Dow Jones and S and P Index) which as the most impact on Indian market and then Asian and European markets. Sector Analysis: Analyzing different sectors […]

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