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I am planning to invest money in the share market. I don't know anything about the share market. How can I get a clear idea about the share market?

 Learn before investing. About 95% of people lose money in the market and the main reason is they invest without learning.

Find a good mentor who is a successful trader himself. Learn, gain knowledge and experience investing small capital at initial stage, Once you start making money and are confident you can increase you capital.

There are three key aspect of trading :

Technical Analysis : which helps us to determine our entries, exits and stop loss in advance. It also helps us to determine the trend of the market. With the help of technical analysis we can determine at what price the FII and DII are buying any stock.

Risk Management : Risk management is essentially the most important aspect of trading. It helps us to survive in tuff market conditions and in case if the trade goes against us. The first rule of trading is never lose your capital and it helps us to protect our capital.

Trading Psychology : The psychological aspect of trading is extremely important. Trader need to understand fear, greed and excitement. Fear, greed and excitement are the worst enemy of the trader. He/she needs to be emotionally disciplined to manage them.

Learn and earn its as simple as that.


How can I learn everything about stocks, shares and marketing?

You don't have to learn everything about the stock market. Infect you need to learn not to focus on everything.

About 95% of people lose money in stock market and the reason is they try to learn everything instead of focusing on building a strategy and then becoming an expert at it which can help to make huge money from the markets.

Keep it simple and you will find it easier to make money or vice-versa.


Few rules:
  1. Learn before you start trading. Technical Analysis, Risk Management and trading psychology
  2. Never try to predict the market
  3. Never ever trade on the basis of news, tips and rumors. Do your own analysis
  4. Buy on retracements
  5. Think like a businessman not gambler
    Find someone who can teach you. Then practice with small capital, gain knowledge and experience. Once you are confident you can increase your investment.


What are the best tools to research Indian stock market?

If you really want to make money from the stock market you need to learn three key aspect

1.Technical analysis- Candles, Trend identification, Trend reversal pattern, demand and supply zone identification, moving average and its uses

2. Risk Management - Position sizing, Pyramiding, stop loss, trailing stop loss

3. Trading psychology - Controlling fear, greed and excitement

It's really important to first learn and then start investing in stock. Once you learn and have knowledge of the above key aspect you can easily make money from trading.


Can you make money trading?

Yes, provided you have learnt trading from someone who is a successful trader.

If you really want to make money. First learn and then spend about 6 months gaining knowledge and experience trading with minimum capital. On ce you start making money and confident you can increase you investment capital.